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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a therapeutic process which increases self-awareness throughout the exploration of how inner thoughts, feelings and behaviours affects your day-to-day life. It provides the opportunity to explore any type of issue within a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space.

Counselling is an opportunity to offload from stress, to clarify personal goals, to tackle repetitive unhelpful behavioural patterns as well as processing difficult life events, including loss, trauma, bereavement, and overwhelming feelings.

How Counselling Works

Counselling usually takes place once a week and lasts 50 minutes.


The first meeting aims to clarify what has brought you to counselling and what to expect from this process.  

The duration of counselling is mutually agreed and tailored to your individual needs.


My fees are £70.00 per session.


I offer free 25 minutes of Initial Consultation so I can answer all the questions you may have.

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Love doesn't come from "out there",

It comes from "within"

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