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Very often people struggle to notice their own strengths and accomplishments, they may put too much pressures on themselves and struggle to find satisfaction.

Numerous Neuroscience research has revealed that only 5% of our cognitive activities is conscious, whereas the other 95% is subconscious. This means that our cognitive functions such as decisions, emotions, actions and behaviours are all influenced by our subconscious.

The environment in which we are born, the quality of attachment we received earlier in life, the beliefs of the family and culture we are part of have been absorbed by our brain, which has been running the same "software"over and over again. My role as a life coach is to help you identify the interference and to remove what no longer serves you.


I use a very effective and common techniques called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is based on simple visualization techniques tailored to deepen self-acceptance and facilitate possible desired changes. It operates by creating a "new software" that is build in accordance of your own beliefs,values and priorities.

What is
Well-Being Coaching?

Life & Well-Being Coaching is a collaborative way of working that empowers individuals during time of important choices, changes, and challenges by offering a non-judgmental, confidential space where specific goals are identified, explored and achieved.

Coaching differs from Counselling because is more solution focused as the emphasis is on  helping you discover and  reconnect with your own qualities, resources, inner beliefs, values, needs and goals. It helps prioritising what is important to you, creating a clear vision and a map on how to achieve what you want.


Being a counsellor as well as a coach enables me to display a high level of empathy, attentive listening  skills and to respect your pace. I am very passionate about empowering individuals to embrace their skills and qualities.

Fees and contracts are the same ones that apply for counselling.

Well-Being Coaching is about transformation 

from a caterpillar into a butterfly

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